Home groups

Home groups answer the question, "If someone's hurting, who knows?"  As we gather in inter-generational home groups, we build community through sharing meals and praying for each other.  We learn about and participate in each others' lives, giving and receiving physical and emotional support.  There are three home groups.  Click the location to contact the hosts.

Small groups

Small groups answer the questions, "What is God saying to you and what will you do about it?" In the intimacy and confidentiality of a small group, we are able to help each other notice what God is doing in our lives.  Then we can support each other as we engage with God's transforming grace.  Click the leader's name to contact her/him about the group.

  • Los Altos women:  alternating Monday evenings.  Contact Linda Tsui.
  • Los Altos men:  alternating Monday evenings.  Contact Larry Tsui.
  • San Jose women: alternating Tuesday evenings.  Contact Winnie Wong.
  • San Jose men:  alternating Tuesday evenings.  Contact Steve Wong.
  • Milpitas men:  alternating Friday evenings.  Contact Dean Chang.
  • Milpitas women:  alternating Friday evenings.  Contact Liz Koo.